The Holy Land of Motorcycle Tour——The Six Adventure Motorcycle Routes Favorite by Riders

The Holy Land of Motorcycle Tour——The Six Adventure Motorcycle Routes Favorite by Riders

Friends who like to ride motorcycles for long-distance travel have an adventure throbbing in their hearts. If they choose an adventure rally motorcycle, how can they not go to those well-known adventure motorcycle holy places? Motorcycle tour enthusiastics have selected the six best adventure motorcycle travel routes in the world. Let’s take a look together.

Cederberg Wilderness Area, South Africa
At 1,000m above sea level, Utikyk Pass offers unique vistas of the Cederberg Mountains and is the gateway to the Cederberg Wilderness area to the north. From the south, ride a remote dirt road northeast of Ceres to the Cederberg Mountains.
Turn west at a lone farm shop, then north into a realistic wilderness of sandstone peaks. The scenery and rock formations are spectacular. Spend an evening in the heart of the Cederberg Mountains, where you can enjoy majestic peaks and a huge night sky.
Dirt-road riding is a breeze for a big expedition motorcycle, hard rock surfaces and some loose gravel are no problem at all, and it gets smooth even after wet weather!
Although it is a gravel road, the roads in most places are wide enough that the occasional bike can easily go wrong.

Atlas Mountains, Morocco
At 2100m above sea level, the Tizi n Test is not the highest traversal route, but it is the most interesting. And with technical, twisty, narrow and rough surfaces, it was a great and fraught ride.

The main road from Talat to Taroudant consists of 45 miles of gravel, although on some surfaces known as tarmac the tar can stretch a bit. Usually, when winter comes, the road is covered with snow and ice, and gravel and potholes cover the road, making this route not suitable for the faint-hearted explorer.
Talat is the last gas station before entering Taroudant, and the views are stunning as you go further north with wider, more technical corners at higher altitudes.

Colorado, the United States
The circular route from Silverton to Lake City and Ouray, originally cut into the Rocky Mountains in the 19th century, was created for miners to transport ore. Walking on this road to this day, it is still conceivable that there are traces of history around each road, and the only thing left of that history is the seven abandoned towns scattered along the way, which are also known as the ghost towns of the Old West.

The Engineer Pass in the north rises to an elevation of 3600m, providing unparalleled vantage points for the Uncompahgre and Wetterhorn peaks, which tower above 4,250m, while on the further southern route some peaks also reach 3,600m. At this altitude, the riding season is short, with the best time to ride from June to September, and the entire 63 miles of mountain trails are loose gravel and rock.
If you're looking for an appealing gravel road with stunning views along the way, this is the place for you.

Valle de la Luna, Chile
In the driest place on Earth, you'll find a valley of sand and stone so otherworldly that it's called the Valley of the Moon.

The Loire Valley (Valle de la Luna) is located in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile, near the borders with Bolivia and Argentina. Stone and sand layers, dry lakes and saline-alkali lands will make you feel like you've landed on Mars, and the uninhabited land has an alternative aesthetic. People can't help but think of another world, and the pictures that come into view are like the pictures sent back by NASA with the Mars probe. Before entering here, you must prepare enough food and water.
From San Pedro de Atacama on Route 23 NW, after 9 miles, on the left is an indescribable dirt road with a small stone pillar not to be missed - Valle de la Luna. This is a national park, so opening hours are short and there is a small entry fee.
Drive down the main road, over a dozen miles of gravel or the occasional sand, and you'll be back in San Pedro. However, the scenery along the way is something you will never forget, and more than 12 miles will take you hours. Shooting at sunset is especially spectacular, and if you stay until the evening, the park is closed.

Grimsel Pass, Switzerland
The Grimsel Pass runs from Innertkirchen to Gletsch, from north to south. Founded in 1894, it peaks at 2100m above sea level and is one of the highest paved routes in the Alps.

The best time to ride is from early June to the end of September, although the road is paved but due to the altitude it is still cold most of the year and there is always a chance of snow. The views from the lake are breathtaking, and the landscape becomes more barren as the elevation increases. Open, fast, swooping, steep hills and twisty corners that allow your riding skills to be put to good use.

Nam Na River Road, Vietnam
North of Dien Bien Phu in Vietnam, a hundred miles or so of otherworldly mountains, the Nam Na River Road winds its way through this spectacular landscape. Leave Dien Bien Phu and head north on the QL12 highway. In Muong Lay, cross the Heihe River, which crosses Hanoi all the way to the sea.

Overall, it is more than 100 miles from Dien Bien Phu, starting from the rice fields, and as the city moves away, slowly the villages get farther and farther away, and arable land becomes scarce. The Black Rock Mountains tower over the valley on either side. This road is very winding and long. The Nam Na section of QL12 is only 500m above sea level. Engineers dug the road on the rocky surface of the hillside.
In addition to the fun of riding a motorcycle, the mountains and rivers, terraced fields and dirt roads along the way are a magnificent scenery.


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