Motorbike strength level ranking, what level are you now?

Motorbike strength level ranking, what level are you now?
Maybe it’s nature, maybe it’s the product of philosophical laws, people always like to classify or rank certain things. Maybe some people scoff at it, but maybe you are already in it.
The motorcycle tour is also unavoidable. Some people have divided it into ten grades. Today, let's see these ten grades. You can combine your own actual situation and see what grade you are now.

Level 1: Motorcycle Iron
People in this level can ride a bike, but the driving skills of motorcycles are not to be complimented. Basically, they don’t have their own motorcycles. They only occasionally take a chance and hit the accelerator a few times to refresh themselves. There is basically no concept of motorcycle travel, and  just heard of it, no feeling or no desire to travel.

Level 2: Motorcycle Bronze
People in this level know what happened to the motorcycle tour, and they may have experienced it in the bike of their relatives and friends, but they don't have a motorcycle. They just have a yearning for the motorcycle tour, and they're somewhat interested. If the opportunity is right, they're willing to experience a real motorcycle trip.

Level 3: Motorcycle Silver
Riders in this level own a motorcycle. Although their driving skills are average, they're keen on motorcycle travel, but they don’t dare to set off rashly. They usually like to be involved in various motorcycle travel circles and very interested in what other people say about motorcycle travel. They will definitely participate actively in the brigade team. Most of them have no experience in motorcycle repair and maintenance. As long as there is a problem with the bike, they can only do nothing.

Level 4: Motorcycle Gold
Riders in this level love motorcycle travel and are keen on top motorcycles. Not only are they skilled in driving, but they also have a certain degree of research on the bike itself. As long as it is related to motorcycle travel, they will study it carefully. Rich in equipment, they like to purchase all kinds of equipment related to motorcycle travel. As long as they can hit the road, they never know what it means to be tired, and always rush to the front of the team.

Level 5: Motorcycle Platinum
He is proficient in driving skills, and many routes have been back and forth many times. He does not pay much attention to the configuration and equipment of the bike, but he has enough experience in the itinerary. As long as it is a motorcycle, he can let him embark on the journey of motorcycle travel. Wherever he go, he will find the most beautiful scenery and the most beautiful poems.

Level 6: Motorcycle Diamond
At this stage, riders already have their own definition of motorcycle tour. Not only is he very familiar with the motorcycle itself, but he has also accumulated a lot of equipment one by one. The most important thing is that he has his own unique skills for safety and full enjoyment of the journey. Following such a master, even a novice will have no fear.

Level 7: Motorcycle Master
A rider of this level, his driving skills can be described as superb. He has a set of motorcycle encyclopedia in his heart, which can explain the pros and cons of any bike of any manufacturer at any time. They're able to disassemble and assemble a motorcycle independently, and can be proficient in repairing any faults in the motorcycle during the motorcycle journey. They have personally tried all kinds of routes, and the road conditions, climate, local customs, etc. that need to be paid attention to on the way are well known. At this time, motorcycle travel has become its own profession, and it is possible to rely on motorcycle travel to live a very unrestrained life.

Level 8: Motorcycle GrandMaster
In addition to running countless routes in person, he has also challenged various extreme weather and various bad road conditions. That kind of contempt for the world is not something that ordinary motorcycle travel Master can have. Maybe you didn't pay attention to him at all before getting on the bike, but at the moment when the accelerator roared, you would find that his soul was instantly integrated with the motorcycle, and there was no boundary between the bike and the person. Motorcycle travel is no longer a hobby, but his lifelong career.

Level 9: Motorcycle Challenger
The riders who have experienced the stage of the GrandMaster of motorcycles have also seen many people's adoring eyes, and their mentality has become calm. There are many disciples, and they are known to all over the world. Ordinary new models are no longer in his sight, and he only likes bikes that he has carefully tuned. Most of the equipment is also customized according to their own experience and understanding. You can define the concept of motorcycle travel by yourself, you can also define the category of motorcycle travel yourself, and you can even write a book and create a biography to create a motorcycle travel discipline.

Level 10: Motorcycle Legend
There are many rumors about him in the arena of motorcycle brigade. Many people have heard his story, and even many people have met him, but no one dares to say how many places his motorcycle brigade has gone through. Maybe many novices think that he It's just a legend, or it doesn't exist at all, but this legend has always been passed on, and it will never be interrupted...


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