KTM790 Adventure, a new choice for medium-sized adventure vehicles

KTM790 Adventure, a new choice for medium-sized adventure vehicles

The KTM790Adventure is a medium-sized adventure car launched by KTM equipped with the LC8c compact parallel twin-cylinder engine after the street car 790Duck.

After KTM gave up the V-twin engine, the newly developed LC8c compact parallel twin-cylinder engine adopts a 435-degree ignition gap and a 75-degree offset crank pin, and the low-torque power output is extremely strong.

Adventude and Duck have different power adjustments because of their different models. Duke horsepower 105hp/9000rpm, torque 86Nm/8000rpm, pursuit of high-speed performance; Adventure e horsepower 95hp/8,250rpm, torque 90Nm/6,500rpm, excellent low-to-mid-speed torque, more suitable for riding through road conditions.

The front shape still adopts the highly recognizable split front design of this generation of KTM models.

One-piece handlebar.

TFT full-color instrument. TC traction control, four power takeoff modes.


The 20L fuel tank is hung on both sides of the frame, which not only increases the width of the body but also increases the fuel tank capacity, which is suitable for long-distance riding.


PASC slip clutch. The transmission has a two-way quick shift function.


Seat height 830-850mm.


A single exhaust pipe, the rear design is simple.

Handle protection cover.


WPAPEX 43mm inverted front shock, 200mm travel.


WP APEX mid-mounted hydraulic shock, 200mm travel


Front 320mm floating twin discs, radial four-piston brake calipers.


Rear Nissin 260mm single disc, dual-piston brake caliper. Bosch 9.1 Cornering ABS front and rear.


The bulging guards on both sides of the engine are cleverly designed to provide good protection for the engine even if no guard bars are installed.


The launch of 790Adventure fills the gap between 390 and 1290, and also enriches the camp of LC8c parallel twin-cylinder engines, giving knights who like adventure models a new choice.

KTM 790 Adventure Spec Sheet

Engine form: water-cooled DOHC 8-valve four-stroke parallel twin-cylinder

Bore x Stroke: 88x65.7mm

Displacement: 799cc

Compression ratio: 12.7:1

Maximum horsepower: 95hp/8,000rpm

Maximum torque: 90Nm/6,500rpm

Fuel supply: 46mmDKK electronic injection system

Transmission form: PASC slip clutch, 6 front speed, chain drive

Frame: chrome molybdenum steel tube frame

Front Suspension: WP43mm inverted shock, 200mm travel

Rear suspension: WPAPEX mid-mounted shock, 200mm travel

Front braking system: 320mm double disc, radial four-piston caliper

ABS system: Bosch 9.1 Cornering ABS

Rear braking system: Nissin 260mm single disc, dual-piston caliper

Front Wheel Specifications: 90/90-21

Rear wheel specification: 150/70-18

Wheelbase: 1509mm

Minimum ground clearance: 233mm

Seat height: 830-850mm

Equipment weight: 189kg

Fuel tank capacity: 20L


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