KTM 250 ADV updated for 2022, gets the same upgrades as the 390 ADV

KTM 250 ADV updated for 2022, gets the same upgrades as the 390 ADV

First to enter the KTM adventure world, in addition to the 390 ADV, there is also a twin brother 250 ADV, in overseas markets, it also ushered in the 2022 update. The new model retains the original compact, flexible, powerful and multi-functional advantages, and at the same time obtains a new painting of the family's large-displacement temperament and optimizes and upgrades the electronic control assistance. However, it has not been introduced into China together with 390ADV for the time being.

Although it is only a lightweight entry model with a displacement of 250cc, the unique appearance and frame are from KTM's strengths - the rally car 450 RALLY, and the family-oriented "wild donkey" element is unforgettable. Coupled with the new blue paint from the MOTOGP factory team, it brings a more passionate feeling of sports. The automaker claims that this variegated, colorful version will keep it looking newer even after being slightly scratched. The thin and lightweight spoiler and fuel tank design not only guarantees sufficient battery life (14.5L, 400km), but also conforms to ergonomics, taking into account both comfort and control.

The details can be distinguished from the 390 ADV by a single headlight similar to the street car 250 DUKE. In addition, the new wheels have also changed from 12 spokes to 10 spokes. It is said that this structure will be lighter and stronger. The engine has a displacement of 248.8cc, a maximum power of 24kw, and a maximum torque of 26Nm. It matches the Bosch EFI system and a six-speed gearbox. It comes standard with a sliding clutch and off-road ABS. It is worth mentioning that the MTC traction control system has also been upgraded, it can also work normally during intense driving, and after the engine is turned off and restarted, it can also memorize the state of the auxiliary system without having to adjust it again.

In overseas markets, the price of KTM250ADV is also very attractive, which is about the same as Benelli's TRK251.


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