Is Africa Twin the best quality touring motorcycle?

Is Africa Twin the best quality touring motorcycle?
When it comes to motorcycle brands with better quality, Honda Motorcycle may be not the first, but it definitely belongs to the forefront. Today our protagonist is a Honda rally motorcycle - Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L. Don't look at the fact that this bike is not as powerful as the off-road capability of the KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE R, nor is it as good-looking as the BMW R1200GS, but it is more suitable for long-distance motorcycle travel, which is incomparable to the former two.
In terms of power, this bike is equipped with a two-cylinder water-cooled engine with two 998cc. Its maximum power and maximum torque are as high as 110 horsepower and 93 Nm, and its top speed can reach 198km/h. The acceleration time to 100 km/h takes just over 4 seconds. Even though its power data is not too strong compared to competing models of the same level, it is indeed a proper hard-core off-road rally bike.
The bike has a total vehicle mass of 230 kg and a seat height of 86 cm. The 24L fuel tank volume and the average fuel consumption of about 4L per 100 kilometers allow the bike's cruising range to reach 600 kilometers.

Thanks to the use of dual clutches, the Honda Africa Twin does not need a clutch at all when shifting gears, so it is not an exaggeration to say that it is an automatic transmission motorcycle. The configuration of this bike is not only rich and comprehensive, but also very high-end, such as KYB adjustable shock absorber, front and rear ABS anti-lock braking system, 5-stage adjustable windshield, and TFT full-color LCD instrument and handlebars with all kinds of vehicle data at a glance Heating, brightness, LED light source with better vision, considerate and user-friendly USB interface, etc.

The three power modes of city, cruise and off-road owned by Honda Africa Twin make its handling more detailed and better, especially the dual clutch that shifts without any frustration, giving people the feeling of being a bikeing bike Small pedal. In addition, it has the HSTC tracking anti-skid system and all-terrain tires suitable for various terrains, even on the dirt road or bad road in the wild, it is also unobstructed, and that is the origin of the name "off-road rally bike".

Compared with the BMW R1200GS, KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE R, Ducati Multistrada and other models of the same level, the Honda Africa Twin is its biggest advantage because of its absolutely reliable quality, excellent handling, and durability.


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