How to troubleshoot before a long-distance motorcycle trip? Here are full of tips

How to troubleshoot before a long-distance motorcycle trip? Here are full of tips

Motorcycle travel, an eternal topic in the two-wheeled circle.

The hot weather is gradually coming, and it is a good time for motorcycle travel. It's time to get ready for a fun motorcycle trip with three or five friends.

Essential tools

Or the old saying: Let’s first make a list of the necessary tools for motorcycle travel.

If you want to do a good job, you must first buy, buy, buy

Follow car tool

The on-board tools of different models are different, but they should have basic functions: disassembly and assembly of front and rear wheels, exterior parts, fuel tanks, spark plugs, etc.

Emergency handling of failures on the way

tire leak

If you have experienced the desperation of not being able to go to the village or the store or the tire being punctured, you will deeply appreciate the importance of carrying a tire repair package with the car.

There are two types of tire repair packages, the rubber strip version and the spicy strip version. Compared with the spicy strip, the rubber strip has the advantage that it is thinner, and it does not need to expand the hole of the tire very much, and it can also be inserted into the rubber strip to play the role of repairing the tire. Spicy sticks are only used when the tire wound is too large, but drilling requires more force.

In the tire repair package, there is another item that cannot be left behind - the foot air pump. Foot air pumps are more practical than electric air pumps for vehicles that do not have a modified power output.

If you have to travel through very difficult areas such as no-man’s land, and you can bring hand tools, try to bring as few power tools as possible

Inner tube leak

For models with inner tubes, you must also bring two tire levers. You can also use them for self-defense when you are out of the house. It is a must-have product for home travel.

The aluminum alloy tire lever has the advantage of being light. The two tire levers are slightly different. One is suitable for disassembly and the other is suitable for installation.

There are many types of tire levers, with different lengths and shapes. However, it is suitable to carry shorter ones when traveling on motorcycles. This kind of tire lever with curvature is more convenient to use.

Engine side cover cracked oil leak

If the car does not have the original bumper installed, the side cover of the engine may be broken when the car falls, resulting in oil leakage.

At this time, I will introduce an artifact - AB glue. AB glue is divided into A glue and B glue, and the two tubes of glue are used after mixing 1:1. It can be cured and positioned within 5-10 minutes, and the strength can be reached after 30-50 minutes.

The working temperature range of AB glue is between -60°C and 100°C, and it can be used to repair the left and right side covers of the engine, plastic parts, etc.

leaking water tank

If you go on a long-distance motorcycle tour, it is strongly recommended to install a water tank guard to prevent the radiator from being broken by flying stones. If the tank ruptures and leaks, it can be repaired with quick steel.

After repairing, remember to add antifreeze. If there are no conditions, you can temporarily use purified water or distilled water instead. There are minerals in the water, and long-term use of water instead of antifreeze will easily cause scale. What's more, the water does not contain anti-corrosion additives, which is easy to corrode the water pump shaft or the metal water pump impeller.

Broken handle, pedal, gear lever

As mentioned above, Quick Steel can repair the water tank. In fact, Quick Steel can also repair broken clutch brake levers, brake pedals, shift levers, etc.

Fast steel is an epoxy resin glue, mainly used for metal bonding. Cut off the required amount, knead until the two glues are evenly mixed, need to use within 2 minutes, it will become very hard after 5-10 hours, and has the effect of repairing.

The battery is depleted

If you are riding to a plateau or a cold area, the vehicle may have a cold start problem, and the failure to start multiple times in a row may cause the battery to lose power.

If the lithium battery model does not hit the first time when the cold car starts, you can wait for more than 20 seconds. Because the temperature of the lithium battery will rise when there is current passing through it, the next discharge will be larger.

If the battery of the companion vehicle is used for charging, the correct connection method is that the positive pole is connected to the positive pole, and the negative pole is connected to the negative pole, and must not be reversed. If reversed, the voltage will be 24V, which will cause fatal damage to the vehicle.

broken chain

Chains need to be inspected, adjusted, cleaned and oiled regularly. Before riding a motorcycle, you should carefully check the wear and tightness of the chain, and regularly clean and lubricate the chain on the road.

If this is done, the possibility of breaking the chain will be very small. If the point back is still broken, you can use the appropriate size of the link chain to fasten it.

It is recommended that you collect this knowledge sharing, and compare it before your next trip to be fully prepared. Any motorcycle travel experience is basically caught on the road. I wish you all a smooth ride along the way.

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