For long-distance motorcycle travel, the larger displacement, the better?

For long-distance motorcycle travel, the larger displacement, the better?

When it comes to motorcycle travel, that is what many motorcycle friends yearn for! Motorcycle travel is also a way to travel closest to nature. It is a symbol of yearning for freedom and searching for passion. They all say: "Four wheels motorcyclery the body, and two wheels motorcyclery the soul." So for motorcycle travel and self-driving travel, is the larger the displacement of the motorcycle, the better?

First of all, the larger the displacement of the motorcycle, the greater the power, the higher the torque and the top speed. For motorcycle friends who pursue power and overtaking feeling, it is indeed better to have a larger displacement. However, long-distance motorcycle tours are not like short-distance tours. You can ride them in a day or two. To prepare for a long-distance motorcycle tour, you need to comprehensively consider many factors, such as reliability, safety, convenience and comfort, and even budget.

The displacement of the motorcycle is larger, the speed will be faster, and it can avoid encountering some situations where overtaking cannot be exceeded. For people who travel together in a group, riding a large platoon together can better avoid falling behind. A motorcycle with a large displacement will have a heavier body, run a long distance at a relatively high speed, the body will not float, and the cruise is relatively stable, which can give the driver more confidence in riding.
In some plateau areas, because the displacement is large and the speed is relatively fast, the altitude sickness will not be very obvious in comparison. In addition, half-jokingly, riding a big platoon will be more powerful in the eyes of others, and you will also have a face, and you will not dare to make things difficult for you when you encounter ordinary motorcycle drivers on the road.
If the displacement is too large, it will also cause trouble for yourself. Everything has its opposite side. Although the large displacement has various advantages of motorcycle travel, it should not be too large for the novice. Generally, 250CC is relatively suitable.
On the other hand, riding a motorcycle with larger displacement on some bad roads, the performance may not be better than some "small displacements". If you are unlucky and fall, I am afraid that it will be more difficult to lift it by yourself. Your motorcycle is also "big trees attract the wind". In addition, a large displacement will inevitably lead to high fuel consumption. Although we can afford a motorcycle, we will definitely not lose fuel money, but the fuel tank of motorcycles is generally more than 10 liters, and some large exhausts with high fuel consumption have even surpassed four-wheel vehicles, and need to be refueled even though riding less than 200 kilometers. This is also a very troublesome thing for long-distance motorcycle travel.

Maintenance and accessories are also a worry for large-displacement motorcycles: less accessories and difficult maintenance. Although veterans of motorcycle travel know that they need to buy a motorcycle with guaranteed quality, they are afraid of accidents on the road. If there is any problem with the vehicle on the way, the small motorcycle can be handled by any small shop in the mountains, and the large-displacements can only test  the hands-on ability of the owner and the peers. For long-distance motorcycle travel, the choice of motorcycle is mainly based on reliability and comfort. It is best to choose a relatively mature model, that is, a motorcycle that has been ridden by many motorcycle riders for a few years without problems. Nothing will happen. Broken heads, oil leaks, EFI system failures, these are very critical: even an old driver who is very familiar with the motorcycle's condition and can even repair the motorcycle himself is not willing to let his motorcycle have problems halfway.
Water cooling is a better choice, but it is not necessary. For long-term running, the temperature is relatively high. With water cooling, you can run farther with confidence. But in most cases, air cooling is actually enough: if it is really necessary to stop and cool down, then ride the motorcycle to the side of the road, enjoy the scenery, and do some rest adjustment. In addition, the fuel tank should be as large as possible, and the fuel consumption should be relatively small, at least it should be able to meet the demand for refueling.
If you don’t have qualified driving skills and experience on the road, and you choose to run a long distance in a large displacement motorcycle, it will change from a trip to a thorough grinding. If you only focus on the displacement to buy a motorcycle, at the same price, it will be easy for people to ignore reliability and comfort, or it will become a "guinea pig" for a large-displacement motorcycle.


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