BMW R nineT high-performance recreational touring motorcycle

BMW R nineT high-performance recreational touring motorcycle

Oil-cooled twin-cylinder, heated handle, anti-theft system, BMW's high-performance leisure touring motorcycle R nineT!

Below the inverted fork are a pair of radial four-piston brake calipers with a pair of 320 mm diameter floating discs. The rear brakes are 265mm discs with two-piston calipers, and of course the R nineT also features BMW's ABS.

This simple and modified Boxer station wagon is a tribute to the BMW R32 launched in 1923. Although the R nineT has a traditional appearance, it is not a retro motorcycle, but a motorcycle equipped with today's technology. The peak horsepower of the new car is 110hp at 7,550rpm, and the torque is 12kg-m at 6,000rpm. Although the engine is still a 1170cc air-oil-cooled opposed two-cylinder DOHC engine, the whole car adopts simple lines and is equipped with hand-made accessories and accessories. With variable settings, car owners can easily remove or replace different accessories according to personal preferences, so that the new car can be more in line with personal preferences or create different styles at any time.

The biggest reason why the R nineT shines comes from the new steel tube frame and the S 1000 RR gold upside-down fork with 120mm of travel on the BMW Roadster. The rear shock absorber still uses the Paralever mid-mounted shock absorber with an aluminum alloy single-arm tail rocker arm. The preload can be adjusted manually, and there is also a stepless adjustment for rebound. The suspension travel is also 120mm, and the rear rim can also be upgraded from a 5.5-inch rim to a 6-inch rim.

In addition, the subframe of the new motorcycle can be easily removed. Just twist the eight screws, and the R nineT can be changed from a dual-riding Roadster to a single-riding racer, which makes the new car more distinctive. If the subframe is not practical enough, you can also choose a rear seat cover. It turns out that there are several ways to play the dead gas throat of the new motorcycle. The original left unilateral throat setting can be changed to a titanium alloy scorpion throat. Through the connecting throats of different lengths, the owner can choose the height of the scorpion throat. It can be placed high, and can also be placed flat at a low angle.


The top speed exceeds 200km, cruising at a constant speed of 90km/h, and it can run 22 kilometers per liter of electric oil, and at a constant speed of 120km/h, it can run 17 kilometers per liter of electric oil. The tire size is 120/70-17 at the front, 180/55-17 at the tail, 1476mm wheelbase, 102.5mm trailing distance, 64.5-degree caster angle, 785mm seat height, and thicker and wider seat cushions for the rear seat. The original factory provides the cylinder bag, the rear hitch bag, the cylinder head gasket, the passenger backrest, the R nineT seat cushion, the wider passenger seat cushion, the engine and the carbon parts of the head and tail sand boards.


Titanium scorpion gas throat, anti-theft system, heating handle, Led turn signal, BMW navigator, etc., of course, more retro clothing, including black leather jacket, five-pocket trousers and a series of Vintage clothing. In order to meet the modification needs of car owners, the circuit system of the R nineT is divided into two parts. The circuit system of fuel supply and engine management is independent of the body light group and other electrical equipment. Make sure that future modifications to the lights and equipment power will not affect the fuel supply and engine movement.


In order to match the change of the rear shape of the R nineT, the license plate, tail lights and command lights can also be installed on the side of the tail arm, so that the R nineT can be transformed into a cafe racer or a scrambler.


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