Adventure Tool---the BMW F850GS Adventure

Adventure Tool---the BMW F850GS Adventure
When it comes to BMW motorcycles, the first thing that comes to mind is always the R 1200 GS/ADV. But for a long time, the small adventure models in the BMW motorcycle family have also been very popular, such as the earlier single-cylinder F 650 GS to the fiery F 750 GS. The motorbike we are going to talk about today is inherently grumpy, and it is the BMW F 850 GS Adventure.

First of all, in terms of appearance, the F 850 GS ADV is much more majestic than all previous versions of BMW's small adventure vehicles; even compared with the R 1200 GS, its body is not weak. The newly designed big and small eye headlights use LED light sources. The three-piece windshield design can greatly reduce the impact of wind resistance on the rider. The middle windshield is responsible for diverting the airflow on the rider's chest and head, and can be adjusted according to needs. The windshields on both sides are responsible for diverting the airflow to the rider's elbows and shoulders, but they have no adjustment function.

The large 23L fuel tank can support its cruising range of up to 550km. The handlebar of the F 850 GS ADV is 15mm higher than the regular version. In addition to improving the visual effect, the motorbike control experience on non-paved roads will also be enhanced.

In addition to its majestic appearance, the heart of the F 850 GS ADV has also been redesigned, taking it to the next level in terms of performance. This DOHC four-valve parallel twin-cylinder engine with a displacement of 853cc is different from the normal F 850 GS in terms of main body and adjustment, with a maximum horsepower of 95hp/8250rpm and a maximum torque of 92N m/6250rpm. Unlike before, this new engine with two balance shafts uses a similar "asynchronous twin-cylinder" operation. With a 90-degree offset crankshaft and a 270/450-degree ignition interval, the exhaust sound is even more shocking while the power is smooth.

The F 850 GS ADV, as a performance model that focuses on extreme off-road in the GS family, is also "fully armed" in terms of running mechanism. The newly designed monocoque frame gives the body more rigidity, and with a longer stroke shock absorption system, it can take off easily. Among them, the 43mm inverted front shock absorber is specially designed for off-road use, with a stroke of up to 230mm. The rear suspension system consists of an aluminum alloy swingarm and a center shock with a stroke of 215mm. The rear shock has a preload/rebound adjustable function. This damping system is equipped with BMW's proud Dynamic Electronic Damping Adjustment System (Dynamic ESA), which can automatically adjust the damping system according to the usage scene, riding style, etc. . It is safer and more comfortable while taking into account the performance.

It is worth mentioning that Dynamic ESA can be linked with other electronic control systems on the F 850 GS ADV body, such as: ABS/Bending ABS (ABS Pro), ASC, DTC. At the same time, Dynamic ESA can also be linked to riding modes.

The instrument part introduces a more complete TFT 6.5-inch full-color screen (optional), which can be used to listen to songs, answer calls and other operating functions through the knob on the left handle.

The vacuum tire problem that F 800 GS owners had previously struggled with has been resolved. The F 850 GS ADV is equipped with 21-inch front and 17-inch rear spoked vacuum wheels, which not only brings a better off-road experience, but also reduces the dilemma of being stuck in the wilderness due to tire punctures.

Stronger appearance, more powerful power, and more powerful riding structure, it will continue to defend the dominance of BMW motorcycles in the middleweight adventure vehicle market.


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